Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frustrated? Maybe a little. . .

I have no one to blame but myself. .. and Eli Manning.
Yes, I was on vacation last week. Did I mention it was free?? Best kind of vacation is a free vacation!

On the way to the airport I outlined my plan for the Parish Adoption Mission. I had a dream about it the night before (all my best ideas come from dreams. . .) Lucky for me, I remember most of my dreams with amazing clarity. Unlucky for me, this memory does not last long. I decided the best way to retain this information was to share it with my darling hubby.  I told him ALL about it. . .likely in nauseating detail. Over and over, during the hour drive to the airport. Hubby gave me all the right affirmations and asked all the right questions. Yay! He was listening AND he agreed that I was a genius. (okay, he will probably never agree that I am a genius, but I know deep down that he thinks it.)

We arrived home yesterday. Today was the dreaded day after the vacation day. . is so cold here I had to wear layers in the house. I could not warm up. . .it is hard to do the laundry and the cleaning and basically anything at all when bundled up for the snowstorm that feels imminent. . .so that the day was not completely unproductive,  I asked my dear hubby to recount some of my brilliant adoption mission ideas. . .

Silence from hubby. Uh, dear. ..  .did you hear me? More silence.

A little more silence. I looked up at him from the couch to see him sheepishly say, "uh, I remember you telling me about the dream you had that you were dating Eli Manning. . ."

Yes. I had a dream that I was dating Eli Manning. .. and I was trying to explain that his name was a deal breaker for me. .. he needed to come up with a different name. Quickly.  Preferably one that was not the same as my son's. This whole dream was awesome and strange. .. .as Mr Manning is so not my type (in fact it wasn't Eli Manning in my dream, it was this guy:)
 Paul Schneider . .. but I got to trade jokes with his super fun brother. .. He totally supported finding a new name for his brother and contributed some genius suggestions.
Entering The Mind Of Peyton Manning
even this picture makes me giggle. Peyton you are too funny!
So, I guess that made up the lack of attraction?  Yes, I ended up hanging out with the Kardashians in this same dream. Kim was getting married in a bouncy castle. . .oh wait, did that really happen? Thankfully I woke up before things got even weirder. Despite the Kardashians I woke up with a smile.

THIS my dear hubby remembers. . . .and bubkiss about the Church Mission. Lucky for me, I have remembered the finer points of my Church Mission dream and have learned that perhaps the best mode of retention is to write it down. . ..lesson learned.


  1. ROTFL!!!!!! Didn't realize my hubs had a clone!

    Maybe I'll have the same dream... no Kardashians though lol

    I've got to get my butt in gear with my church adoption ministry!

  2. ROTFLMBO!!! That is awesome!!!! I want to dream of the Manning brothers!! <3

  3. LOL!! i too remember most of my dreams. Yes write it down is the best way to go. My husband would be shocked that i expected him to help me remember my dream - hehehee... ;)

  4. Haha...this was the best. :)