Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pure Priscilla

I have been remiss, another blogger had the fabulous idea of blogging about children, imagining what it would be like for them after adoption. Wonderful idea! Today is Prissy's day. She is in need of medical care immediately. Please share her story!

She timidly prances in from the other room, a blur of pink and yellow. Clad in a fluffy tutu and rainboots she hops on the couch, "I'm ready for Angelina Ballerina, Mama!" I see her with beautiful long hair, scooped up in pigtails on either side of her adorable ears. It seems like not a moment goes by without her grinning or laughing.
I tell her that too much TV is not good for little girls but she simply smiles and says pwease a few more times. She says thank you when I finally relent and turn the TV on, but it sounds more like dhenku. I will take it! She is far too sweet for words!

She doesn't stay on the couch for very long, hopping down to mimic the ballet moves she is seeing on the television. She tires easily though and stops to rest her head on the couch. Smiling the entire time.

Really, I am not kidding about the smile. It is never far from her face, despite all the rough patches, she is a joyful soul. She even puts up with her big brother chasing her around on his Lightening McQueen car. I can't wait until she has the energy to put him in his place as I am sure she will!
She catches me watching her from the kitchen and she invites me to watch with her. When I sit down not a second passes before she is cuddled up on my lap. We giggle and snuggle while watching TV. Enjoying the  quiet little moments.

She tells me that she is too tired to play after the show finishes so pull out a chair in the kitchen where she sits and tells me all about ballet while I make dinner. How she will be a ballerina when she gets older and stronger. The happy chatter is endless. Despite her fatigue she eats like a trooper, and starts to fall asleep before the rest of us are done eating.

I pray that she regains her energy and put her sweetly into bed, kissing each cheek and thanking God for bringing her to our family.


Guardian Angel
Girl, Born February 2010
Pretty Priscilla!  More photos available.   Priscilla has many facial features of FAS.  She is also struggling with "pre-leukemia", also known as congenital Myelodysplastic syndrome.    She really needs to get home!!
From her caregivers:  communicative; adequate reactions.  Character: cheerful, active, friendly, communicative, likes to play with different toys.
More photos available.

$105.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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