Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, Monday. ...

Two cups of coffee and I still need assistance keeping my eyelids open. They refuse to budge, constantly at half-mast. Are they in mourning? Wishing that today was still part of the wonderful weekend? Wonderful, wonderful weekend. I should be celebrated more often. Really, I should!

Popping my laptop open this morning, I discovered that my most religious follower is an evil spambot. That's a tad disappointing. Being uber naive, I thought people. ...real flesh and blood people were reading my blog. ..and quite a few of them. Pride. .. no good ever comes from my being prideful. I am so slow to learn, but in my defense I have heard that it gets harder to learn the older you get. . .You can't teach this old dog new tricks.

On Saturday, my sisters and I took my beloved Mama to see Neil Sedaka in concert for her Mother's Day present. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful time we had, I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Despite his 73 years, his voice sounded awesome and he danced around the stage, so light on his feet. I was impressed. He sang several  songs about time gone by and how much he wants to turn back the clock and do it all over again. Not because he would do it differently, just to enjoy those moments again.

I struggle with this. .. having Eli has made me so much more aware of how quickly time passes. It seems like I will go to bed one night and wake up for Eli's graduation. ..that is how fast it seems to go. I already wish I could slow time down.

Time is such a funny thing. I remember summers lasting forever. Climbing trees, playing whiffle ball in the yard, playing until I could not possibly play any more. .. seriously endless afternoons. It seemed like time was a friend. As I age and after discovering Reece's Rainbow I have a love-hate relationship with time.

It's about DA^$ time that Justina found a family. She is so sweet and cuddly looking!! I pray that time FLIES so that her family reaches her so very quickly!


Time has been ticking away for this young boy. Why is time slipping away so quickly for him?? He is 5 years old already.  Five years spent waiting for the love of a Mama. Oh, time. . .don't let another day go by without him being totally loved and fawned over! He is just a little boy. 

Boy, Born January 26, 1998  
Guardian Angel
 Emmitt is a sweet boy.  He is living in one of the mental institutions, and has been for many years, yet he remains sweet, intelligent, and kind.  Ttwo of our adopting families met him while they were there, and are pleading for a family to save him.     From his medical records:  myelomeningocele  (spina bifida)   From one of our adoptive families:  " Emmitt has a severe deformity of his legs.  He cannot walk at all.  He is very friendly, funny, and talkative. He desperately seeks out attention.  He was talking to my husband, and holding Zack's hand, which he then put on top of his head for Zack to rub his hair.  He is extremely intelligent, and just precious!  I brought him paper and crayons, and he drew me a flower :) "

OH Emmitt! Such bright eyes! Fourteen years in a crib...14 years! Can you imagine such a life? He cannot walk. There are worse fates. He can still learn, love, understand. .. . Does he understand his situation? He sees other children find families. I wonder what relationship Emmitt has with time. I wonder if he will look back and want to do it all over again. . ..

Time marches on. Indifferent to all. ..  .it just keeps marching. .. . .


  1. Real flesh & blood person here ;) my heart goes out to these boys too... sigh! there are so very many of them... we pray & advocate as much as we can & have to have faith that God will do the rest...

  2. Yes, I apologize for that, you are such a loyal reader and I totally appreciate you! I am sure if we keep praying, these boys will find homes!!