Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday

Two posts for Tuesday. I will get into the swing of things sometime. . .and remember Teamwork Tuesdays. .. .

Today is Langley's day. Look at this sweetheart. He will be 5 years old in October. 5. ..that means the institution is looming for this little boy. Don't let that happen to him. He is so full of life and has so much to give to a family. . .just give him the chance and you will fall head over heels in love with Langley.

From one of our adoptive families who met him in December 2011: " I saw him today. After days of scanning faces, I walked into Bella's groupa and SAW HIM!! He is a doll. He is so cute! He looks healthy and is walking. I had a banana for Bella (which they wouldn't let me give it to her) and he took it. He bit right through the peeling. If they would have let me, I would have given it to him. Oh sweet boy...you need a mama!!!"
Friendly, emotional, affectionate boy.   Active, social, friendly.  Easy going.  Eats well independently.  Plays well with toys and likes to help others.

He has over $4000 available to help with adoption costs. 

His shirt says it all! Mama, let's go!! I am ready!!


Oh the memories. . ..

I stepped out in my robe to let puppy out this morning and I was greeted with a crisp breeze, overcast sky and a feeling of expectation. It was a Kenyan morning, here in Oregon. The mornings in Kenya were often cool, sometimes overcast and always filled with the promise of joy, laughter and sunshine. I am not sure if sunshine will come today. ..did I mention I am in Oregon? But I will take the memories and the warm fuzzy feeling I was met with this morning.

Oh, I have had some wonderful experiences. Enough to fill several books. So lucky to have so much joy in  my life and more than enough happy memories to carry me through some of the tougher times life can bring. I am blessed.

Feeling so reminiscent I will post an email that I sent several years ago. I love the hope in it. Even knowing how the story ends. .. I love the hope.

As the END draws nearer (June 16, 2006)

Aww.. as the end draws nearer, I see Kenya in a bit different light. . in my desperate attempt to soak up as much of the kids, the locals and everything that makes Kenya so great:

The miniature frogs that took over the orphanage after the torrential rain that came out of nowhere and surprised C and I on our walk home.
All of my "hellos" being answered with a resounding "Fine!"
The millions of different songs being broadcast so loudly out of each and every shop I walk by in Nairobi.
The one-hand command to KUJA (come here) from Laz everyday when I get back from Karen. .only so he can shake up the soda I am about to drink.
The masses of young children walking home that shout out "Hello, Mzungu! How are you? FINE!" "How are you, FINE!" and some adding "Give us money!" Aw. (mzungu basically means Whitey)
Anywhere you may be in Kenya. . there are people walking. . .to unknown destinations. . .always walking. On occasion I am blessed to see the Masai walking as well, in their bright robes, regal carriage. Ah. . .so beautiful.
On the way to Karen, being lucky enough to see a million different butterflies flitting about in every direction. . .I LOVE KENYA!!!

Sigh. . . .in 8 days. . .8 shorts days, I will again be ripped ever so coldly from this daydream that is life in Kenya. . ..ugh and be thrust into the real world of commutes and cubicles. . .blah blah blah.
I hate that I must go, but take comfort in the fact that i know i will be back again as soon as possible!
On the adoption front. . .the ALMIGHTY Father Dag returned home here late Wednesday and I had planned to give him a day to settle before pouncing. . .but early Thursday morning Fr Dag beat me to the punch and summoned me even before I had done anything to my hair. . . .in my excitement. .i went to meet him as is. .
For some unknown reason, it appears that Dag likes me! Rock on! He summoned me to discuss the volunteer program, my adoption and to welcome me home. AW! HE went so far as to tell me that I was doing GOD'S work. Oh yeah!! 

Anywho, when talking about the adoption, Father informed me that he had a Kenyan Board Member that is an attorney that has offered to assist me with my adoption pro bono. . .and fast track it somehow! I find this out late. .. he will be here in 2 weeks and I leave in one week. . . if I had known a mere three days earlier, I could have pushed my ticket back to meet him in person and start the ball rolling. as it is now. .. I will have to communicate via phone or email. . .not my strongest mode of communication, though I am convinced all is happening for a reason and will all work out! I am filled with so much hope for the future of this adoption process. .. .with Dag convinced that I am doing GOD's work. . . golden!
There are a million kids sick here today, only a slight exaggeration. With the weather turning colder, kids and volunteers alike are being struck with horrendous colds and coughs. C and I were struck as well. i am hoping that the hacking cough recedes a bit more before I must fly home.
Hmm. trying to think of what kids you all want to hear about. . .

C and I, having not learned our lesson from the last time, will again make dinner for the big boy's cottage.. .it should be super entertaining to say the least.
Not much to report from AB cottage. Since the world cup began, the kids have been literally stuck to the super tiny tv in the cottage. I have actually enjoyed hanging out with them while they watch.
well, I should go, ELIJAH just had the nerve to call me a slacker.....SHOCK!

Miss you all!

Wow, it seems that my writing style has changed quite a bit since 2006. Not all change is bad. haha

Monday, April 23, 2012

Married Life

My husband:
Yup, this is my husband. Not Magnum PI...

*refuses to call Soccer soccer, even though football is a completely different sport here in the USA. AND he gets quickly frustrated if people do not catch on that he is talking about Soccer when he says football.

*Uses my toothbrush (reportedly by accident). He furiously denies this until I physically show him his dry toothbrush and my soaking wet toothbrush. . .. over and over and over again. Each time he denies with the same fury as before. I know he is my husband and what's mine is his and all. . .but he should still keep his cooties to  himself. 

*Used to believe that WWF was real. By used to I mean less than 8 years ago. He says he knows the truth now. .. .but he is not convincing anyone. He still thinks it's real.

*Has to have his own dirty clothes hamper by his side of the bed. It is too much to expect for him to walk his dirty clothing 6 more feet to the real dirty clothes hamper. He is probably too exhausted by his furious toothbrush denials. . .

*Cannot have corn with turkey. I have not yet figured this out yet, but he is adamant that this will cause WWIII or the like. 

*Rice can only be served as part of a curry or stir fry. . .or with chili. Other than that, it has no purpose being on a plate. Ever. Don't even try it.

*Spent a week learning to play "Row, Row, Row your Boat" on Eli's play laptop. And now he wants to take his act on the road. Not kidding. (I told him I would consider being his roadie if he could perfect another tune on Eli's guitar. This is still in the works.)

*Owns 15 blue shirts. One green shirt, one brown shirt and one pink and blue shirt. He loves variety.

*Used to call me Petal. I loved this. Campaigning for its return. I prefer it to Giant Farthead and other terms of endearment you currently employ. (please Gavin?)

*Loves his son to bits and bits. He is stuck with me.  . . forever. (evil chuckle)

*May not love this blog entry.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sober Sunday

I stepped away for a minute. Well really, a day and a half and I come back to sad news.

Keegan, this lovely little boy is in a baby house that will be closing. Since he made the awful mistake of being born with Down Syndrome, he will pay the price. ..and earlier than most children would. He is one year old and will be transferred to an Adult Mental Institution. He will not be picked up when he cries. He will not be able to play with toys. He will not be encouraged to learn and grow. It is very likely that he will be sedated so that he will be "easier" to handle. This is NO LIFE for a sweet baby. Please, please please, someone bring him home! You can find his profile on RR here.

And then there is Sarah. Sarah had the misfortune of being placed in one of the most awful places I have ever heard of. .. Pleven.. NO ONE deserves the misfortune of living in Pleven. She has only 2 weeks left to find a family. After that, she may be lost forever, unadoptable. Is that the message that we want to send? That some children do not deserve to be loved? Cared for? Nurtured? NO! Someone claim her! Love her and heal the wounds inflicted at Pleven! It is the right thing to do. The only thing to do! Find more information here.

Please share this information on your facebook pages. .. on your Pinterest page. .. I KNOW that there are parents for these two lovely children. I KNOW IT! They just need to see their faces!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh I missed it but I still want to do it!

Oh yea, I am always a day late and a dollar short. Some other, far more on top of it bloggers decided to post their top 7 boys from RR on their blogs to advocate for them. I have a son in the other room napping, one in Kenya learning how to be a man, and one in heaven laughing at my antics. .. .I LOVE BOYS! I was a tomboy growing up and I claim to be my Dad's first born son. . .but he doesn't play along. Sigh.

Anyways, I have so many little boys that have just stolen my heart, taken my breath away and all that. .. .without further ado:

Meet Michael!

He looks lovely in that shade of red! The big eyes, the rosy cheeks, I wish I could see him smiling and hear his laugh when I tickle his tummy. He is currently one of the "additional children" in region 23. He was born in June of 2006 which likely means that he is headed to an institution sooner rather than later. I HATE the thought of that. He looks so bright and sweet and lovely.


BOY, Born November 26, 2004

This handsome young man is another of a growing number of children who were born with arthrogryposis. He is described as very loving and affectionate and friendly!
Igor has already been transferred to an adult mental institution and will remain bedridden for the rest of his life…he needs a family like you!

Families considering Igor must be home study approved for an older, institutionalized child prior to commitment. Married couples only, large families and older parents welcome, travel required.
$1832.70 is available towards the cost of my adoption!   

Boy, born November 2004
Eyes of Gray
Blond hair
The nature of communicative
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Beau does not make an impression of a child who lives in an orphanage from his birth. Beau is very well developed, already knows how to read by syllables and is able to spell, write and count. The child loves to learn more and will be a promising student in a future. He is kind and friendly with the children and polite with the adults. He can be left alone in a room and will play with puzzles and mosaics for hours. He also likes to draw and is interested in technologies. He is a very accurate boy and likes cleanliness and order. He goes to the bathroom by himself and never forgets to brush his teeth and comb the hair. Beau walks without help but has spastic paraparetic gait.

$77.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!  


Boy, born September 2007

Brett is a handsome young man who was born with CP. He is very smart, he gets around on his own by crawling, but he is not able to walk. Therapy will do wonders for him! He deserves to have a family!

From a volunteer who knows him: He plays with other children. He speaks with separate words. He understands the addressed speech. The boy is curious, likes classes. He loves when his nurse reads for him, he likes making pyramids.

More photos available, married couples only.

$65.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Kolya 15H

Boy, Born July 2000
YAY, a new picture of Kolya!!! Kolya is 11 years old. He will be the oldest child ever adopted through RR (with Down syndrome), so I am praying super hard for his family to find him!!
From his advocates and friends: " Kolya – very delicate and sensitive child who catches every touch, every word or a smile. He may long to sit next to a nice man and just hold hands, enjoying the warmth.
Kolya – special in every sense of the child. He will never be like other children, but this does not negate his ability to enjoy the outside world and bring joy to others. Kolya helpful, helps nurse to collect clothes, toys, clean room. He said not much and indiscriminately, but to understand it is quite possible. He has a good memory. Kolya knows the names of geometric shapes, animals, plants, likes to listen to reading, to collect and puzzles to bother with the designers. Parents need to appreciate their strength, because they need the support of Kolya throughout life. But instead, they can count on sincere affection and love from a really good and loyal man.

$1055.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST the boy that started it all for me. .. . 

Mark 31C

Boy, born October 2009

Little Mark has Down syndrome and was born with some heart issues (Atrial Septal Defects, no impairment of circulation), but surgery hasn’t been found necessary yet.
Full medical history available.

Mark is usually in good mood. He plays with toys variously, jabbers. He is active.

$3189.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

But can I also mention: 

Maxim 15H

Boy, Born 2002
Oh, how this little boy melts my heart! Just look at his smile! He is very high functioning, and will do very well in a loving family environment. He has been blessed to grow up in a baby house and privately run home for children with special needs, and he has been LOVED. He has many advocates and volunteers who love him dearly, and have asked us to please help him find a family!


PLEASE NOTE! This region allows no more than 3 children at home, married couples only, parents must be less than 50 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Jack was born in October 2000. He says he would love to find a family with a brother or sister of a similar age so they can play together. He is not an aggressive boy. Although he likes insects and worms, he does not like scary movies. He is very cute, smart and charming. He is also communicative and sociable. The director of his baby house spoke enthusiastically about him. The director of his current orphanage writes very warmly about him. Before he was about to transfer to the older child orphanage, he asked a visitor "do you know anyone who would like to take a boy like me. I would really like for a visitor at least, because I am all alone and I have no one." He is open and shows his emotions. His caregivers say he is responsible, obediant and kind. He likes physical education and the natural world. He also likes to sculpt. He understands that his chances of a family choosing him are slim. He has always seen parents coming for the younger children. Jack is living with HIV. Jack is a nice kid. He is active and alert, careful and smart. He is a friendly boy. He does not speak roughly to the other children. He calmly shares his toy when someone asked to ride the scooter. His teachers appreciate him for his peaceful nature – they say he behaves properly in every situation. He listens and takes the word of his educators. He is happy to talk about school, about games, how he went to the circus and rode the rides at the zoo. He is said to be similar to a "home child." He asks mature questions, and his voice breaks in tears when he asked a family why they had come for a younger child and not for him? He asked "what do I need to do for a Mom to come? Do you know where she is? Is she looking for me?" He has enough mental strength to maintain his positive outlook on the world. He is getting older, but he is still a defenseless child in need of care and family warmth. As of December 2011 he was in 4th grade. His teacher said that his intelligence is intact and he can learn well. Unfortunately his efforts are only average as he does not have anyone encouraging him to try any harder. He doesn't understand yet that the purpose of learning well now will be reflected in future achievements. He does not have any siblings. Additional photos are available. The children from the orphanage he is in are usually well developed.

$5786.10 is available towards the cost of my adoption!     

Even Chimpanzees "get it!"

So I went to the movies last night. This rarely happens. I have no social life. Well, I do but it is definitely limping along. . ..on life support. I had a lovely date with my Mom and sisters. I am SO very blessed with the family that I have.

Not sure why on our lighthearted outing we decided to watch October Baby. ..but we did. And through the tears and today's residual "wow that was so sad" I recognize the importance of that movie. . .I recommend it. HIGHLY. You can watch the trailer here.

Previews still remain my FAVORITE part of going to a movie and there seem to be a lot of really great movies to be released. One preview grabbed my heart and had me crying even before October Baby started.

My meeting with Father T went awesome. He is fully supportive of a church mission to benefit special needs adoption. He also agrees that our parish can do better to foster a community where these children and their families would be accepted, supported, applauded and loved. We will meet again to discuss concrete plans, so if anyone feels that they have something beautiful and concrete to send my way. . ..feel free! I have my ideas but I am not convinced that they are the best.

So, with a heart of joy and increased confidence in my message of adoption, I went to the movies.

And saw this:

I cannot wait to see this movie despite the fact that I will have to bring an entire box of tissues. . .

What excuse can a human have after watching this? Chimpanzees get it. Adoption matters. It is the right thing to do. What are the alternatives??


My husband thought I had mislabeled these pictures. Sadly. No. Ksenia was a beautiful little girl with down syndrome that was transferred to an adult mental institution at a very young age. As you can see from the NOW picture, she is NOT THRIVING. THIS IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO ADOPTION. Children suffering. It has to stop!