Sunday, May 20, 2012


After months (or more) of riding the pine, our names have been called. . .we are up to bat. This is an insane move by the "coach." Seriously. There are so many other players that could have been called up. . .so many. People with a far better batting average. People that have been training for this moment. 

My knees are shaking, I fear my grip might even slip on the bat. You see, I have been here before. I trained hard, I put my all into this game for seven years. Only to strike out . .repeatedly.  I took a couple of pitches in the gut, a couple knocked me down. I can only imagine it was painful to watch. It was even more painful to be on the receiving end. After my final strike out, I took an early retirement.

It did not make me hate the game. The game has such value, it makes such an impact, the world is changing due to this game! I was an avid spectator, paying what I can to support those up to bat. .. cheering and yelling as loudly as possible, but my butt never left the bleachers. My heart never stopped dreaming of an epic comeback, but that was so far out of the realm of possibilities, I was never spurred to action. Fear is powerful.

However, fear is not as powerful as hope, or love, or God. Out of practice, out of shape, perhaps out of our minds, we responded to the call and we are up to bat. . ..