Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have nothing to blog, writing my autobiography is literally sucking the life out of me. There is so little inspiring about my subject matter right now. I am drowning in facts. . .about me. I understand the purpose and it is totally all worth it, and I am learning in the process, but it is totally killing any creativity I had for  this here little blog.

Sorry folks. It should be any day now that I get to shout about a precious little love bug. . .but until then, I will share some loveliness with you. Perfect for Wordless Wednesday!

Girl, Born October 2009

Little Maggie was born with CP.   She has strabismus as well, but will so greatly benefit from early intervention and a loving family of her own!

This region typically waives the 10 day waiting period for children with special needs.   Please consider one (or more!) of these beautiful angels from orphanage 41.

Marena 15H

She was born in February 2008
Brown eyes
Black hair
The nature of communicative
Marena has a crossed eye (surgery is required) and Cerebral Palsy (surgically corrected and not really noticeable).
Look how beautiful she is!  Marena is simply adorable, very energetic, curious, likes to communicate. She walks, runs, jumps and loves active play.
She has siblings but it has been confirmed that she is available for international adoption alone.

From a family who met her in May 2012:
I was asked by the orphanage administration if there is any possibility to find a family for Marena, as she is scheduled to be transferred very very soon. It will be such a tragedy for a child (she has been living there since her birth)!  I hope that maybe we can find a paper-ready family and she would be saved soon.

Boy, Born January 2005

Harding is a handsome brown eyed, brown haired boy who is HIV+.  He is 6 now and needing a family of his own.

For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit
$71.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.

Gregory 2H

Boy, born August 22, 2005

Gregory’s birthmother’s rights were terminated by court decree. There is no father. Diagnosis: HIV+, functional heart murmur, astigmatism.  They receive excellent medical therapy and have had their innoculations.
Gregory gets embarrassed in front of the camera. He interacts very nicely with the other children. He is a sweet little boy. More photos available.

For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit 

$4733.97 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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