Wednesday, May 16, 2012

About Keaton

Keaton, there have been several famous Keatons. . .Diane, Michael, Buster and my favorite, Alex P. . .

The name Keaton means to fly with hawks, which I think is awesome since I am convinced that this Keaton is destined for more than a pink bed. . .just look at the sparkle in his eyes!

keaton-cropped.jpg (626×500)

This is lovely boy will turn 6 this summer. If he has not already been transferred to a mental institution , it is likely that he will soon. This is no life for anyone, let alone a young child. He has been diagnosed with CP, internal congenital hydrocephalus, condition after ventriculoperitoneostomis. HOLY COW! That is a mouthful and I had no idea what that last diagnosis meant, until I looked it up. And I still have no idea, but I am assuming that he was diagnosed with CP after a shunt was placed for his hydrocephalus. 
When I first discovered Reece's Rainbow, I was drawn to the DS, CP and HIV babies immediately. I had no knowledge about hydrocephalus and therefore was just not as keen on babies with this condition. Shame on me! Fear is a fickle beast, eh? I have since done a little research, mostly wiki-research, which honestly confused and overwhelmed me more....and then I remembered that I had a friend that had been treated for this as a child. He is awesome. Totally. He let me feel the shunts on the back of his neck. His life is so active and productive and he is truly an amazing individual. Now, I know that every person and case is different, but the bottom line is this: Keaton is a beautiful boy that deserves a chance. He is a boy, not a diagnosis. He deserves a Mama to hug him, a Papa to tickle him. He is not lying on that pink bed because his needs are too great or too scary. He is there simply because his Mom has not seen his face. . .. yet.

I am putting Keaton's face here in hopes that his Mama and Papa will discover Keaton and all the amazing joy he can bring to their lives. 
I am quoting someone that I can't remember. Man, I hate when people do this, but the quote is just perfect. .. "God doesn't give special needs children to special families,  families are made special by these children." I probably butchered the quote, but the message is the same.  

I see Keaton in a few years, OBSESSED with Dinosaurs. He will know the name of every dinosaur and the time period it lived in. He will know the dietary preferences and evolution of each and every known dinosaur. He will have FAR more knowledge on this subject than his Mom even knew existed. He will spend hours digging in the back yard, at the beach, at his cousin's house, searching for his very own dinosaur bones.

He will love to read and educate his family on all the wonderful things he is assimilating. A little walking encyclopedia. I am sure of this. He will be quick to hug and quicker to laugh. . .an infectious and bubbly laugh.

I can hear it now.

Look at Keaton. Really look at him. He is a gift and will bless someone's family in a million ways!

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