Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marky Mark

Oh sweet Mark. I pray for you and your chubby cheeks every day, several times a day and it does not seem enough. I want to squeeze you, look you in the eye and kiss your super chubby cheeks. I want you to know how much you matter.

This is the picture that captivated me. I had just miscarried my little Beckett and this picture, well it is just how I pictured Beckett looking. I think it was the cheeks. . .I am so obsessed with your squishy cheeks. .. and the wary, "are you kidding me" look in your eyes. Stole my heart. I showed this picture to my husband a million times. To make it easier, I posted this picture on my refrigerator.
I love the pink shirt-so fashion forward. It was a fashion risk Mark, but it works on you.
I love your chubby little fingers and the gentle pat on the back you are giving vanilla bear.
I have stared at this picture for hours. I can hear your laugh, I can see your nose crinkle in amusement.
I can feel how wonderful it would be to hold one of those chubby hands in mine.

I imagine that like me, you delight in watching people fall. Not people getting hurt, just the funny antics people do when they fall.. . .we would share a laugh, once we knew the person was okay. You would be eager to help with everything. . .dishes, laundry, yard work. . .. not because you enjoy those tasks, no one does. .. but because you are dear and want to keep us company (and because I make those chores look SO fun.)

As a baby, you appeared so calm and serene. The kind of baby that falls easily asleep in my arms. So snuggly and sweet. Trusting and accepting. A miraculously easy baby.

This is you now. Growing by leaps and bounds. Almost unrecognizable from the first photo except for that wise and wary look in your eyes. I love it. Funny how your hair appears so red now. You look far more like a bundle of energy in this picture than in the others. I bet if someone took you to a playground, you would be off and running. Eager to see how high you could climb, how fast you can go down the slide. Eagerly running back up the steps to do it all over again.  Throwing sawdust along the way. Your laugh of delight echoing off the play structure.

Mark, I see you as pure joy in the sweetest little package. I pray for you all the time. I hope your Mama finds you SOON!

Mark was born Oct 2009. He has $3200 available to assist with adoption costs. Little Marky Mark has Down Syndrome and was born with some heart issues (Atrial Septal Defects, no impairment of circulation), but surgery hasn't been found necessary yet.
Mark is usually in a good mood. He plays with toys variously, jabbers. He is active.

Mark is available. Waiting. . .waiting and waiting. 


  1. Awww, I can't see the pics :(

  2. Really? They keep popping up for me?

  3. Just tried to see them on my phone. Can't seethem here either.

  4. Oh shoot! It looks fine on my other laptop...anyone else being denied super cute pictures?

  5. I can't see them either...

    1. Okay, have reposted them. Hopefully they appear this time. .. shy pictures drive me batty.

  6. I see him now! Adorable little sweetie! Praying for you!