Friday, May 18, 2012

Where the boys are

Not too many years ago I was boy crazy. Too put it lightly. I was the biggest flirt, well maybe second biggest flirt. Looking back, it is a little embarrassing in a harmless sort of way. Where the boys were. . .that's where I wanted to be.

Oh how times have changed. . .going out on a Friday night. Hmm. I can remember doing that, but I cannot fathom where the energy came from. The amount of time spent getting ready prior to departure, another embarrassing admission. My sister and I could spend hours, and I mean hours getting ready for a night out. .. and really it wasn't about makeup or hair. We would literally have fashion shows in our living room. It was part of the process.  The most outlandish outfit almost always won. . .it was all about fun, no uber revealing or inappropriate outfits, all in good fun. We had theme nights as well. . . .hat night, pajama night (I met my husband on pajama night), wacky sunglass night, Friday the 13th goth night, movie quote night where we would try to converse in movie quotes. . .. too many to list.
Okay, yes that is a fishnet shirt. I don't have any idea where I found it or why I wore it. I do remember that it was insanely uncomfortable. .. but this picture always makes me chuckle. On this memorable night, I had a dance off with a very large Samoan bouncer to the "Tootsie Roll." Random. I think it was a tie . . ..really. Maybe he took pity on me and my tortured outfit. I really must clarify that this was taken several years ago. Several. . .eons really, as evidenced by the bangs. Looking goooood.

I do miss the antics of a good night out with my sister and friends. Sheer craziness always ensued when I was lucky enough to go out with my sister.

Again. .. oh, how times have changed. Friday nights now. . .I am still boy crazy but for my boys. My precious boys. I am so proprietary! Boys that don't care if my hair is out of place or if my outfit is fashionable. . (yoga pants are always fashionable. .. right?) Boys that love me just the way I am. (Yes, sweetie, I am talking about you too.  I know you love my yoga pants to pieces, don't bother denying it.) Tucking Eli into his big boy bed tonight, he made my night by saying, "good night my best friend, Mama." I know these moments won't last, but my heart was overwhelmed by the cuteness of my little guy.

My life is infinitely richer due to the love and lessons I have received courtesy of Eli and Husband.

If you are half as boy crazy as I am, then you really must take a look at these adorable boys. . .all are up for grabs. Enrich your life by making one of these yours!! You will never regret it!

Date of Birth: May 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Nature: Quiet
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Boy, born  December 2007
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Character: calm
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

So happy to have a new pic of Elias! He’s still in pink though!

Boy, born December 2007
He does have siblings
Brown eyes
Nature calm
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Date of birth: November 2009
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: blond
Nature: Quiet
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

More pictures available.

Boy was born in April 2007
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

d2ct, 3G
Boy, Born April 2007
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Curtis is a darling little boy with brown hair and brown eyes.  He is described as a very smart boy, healthy and strong.  So glad to have a new smiley picture of him!

$2075.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Okay, truth be told, I am still totally boy crazy, and though I miss the crazy fun with my sister, these boys are too cute to turn down. . .. 

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