Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh the memories. . ..

I stepped out in my robe to let puppy out this morning and I was greeted with a crisp breeze, overcast sky and a feeling of expectation. It was a Kenyan morning, here in Oregon. The mornings in Kenya were often cool, sometimes overcast and always filled with the promise of joy, laughter and sunshine. I am not sure if sunshine will come today. ..did I mention I am in Oregon? But I will take the memories and the warm fuzzy feeling I was met with this morning.

Oh, I have had some wonderful experiences. Enough to fill several books. So lucky to have so much joy in  my life and more than enough happy memories to carry me through some of the tougher times life can bring. I am blessed.

Feeling so reminiscent I will post an email that I sent several years ago. I love the hope in it. Even knowing how the story ends. .. I love the hope.

As the END draws nearer (June 16, 2006)

Aww.. as the end draws nearer, I see Kenya in a bit different light. . in my desperate attempt to soak up as much of the kids, the locals and everything that makes Kenya so great:

The miniature frogs that took over the orphanage after the torrential rain that came out of nowhere and surprised C and I on our walk home.
All of my "hellos" being answered with a resounding "Fine!"
The millions of different songs being broadcast so loudly out of each and every shop I walk by in Nairobi.
The one-hand command to KUJA (come here) from Laz everyday when I get back from Karen. .only so he can shake up the soda I am about to drink.
The masses of young children walking home that shout out "Hello, Mzungu! How are you? FINE!" "How are you, FINE!" and some adding "Give us money!" Aw. (mzungu basically means Whitey)
Anywhere you may be in Kenya. . there are people walking. . .to unknown destinations. . .always walking. On occasion I am blessed to see the Masai walking as well, in their bright robes, regal carriage. Ah. . .so beautiful.
On the way to Karen, being lucky enough to see a million different butterflies flitting about in every direction. . .I LOVE KENYA!!!

Sigh. . . .in 8 days. . .8 shorts days, I will again be ripped ever so coldly from this daydream that is life in Kenya. . ..ugh and be thrust into the real world of commutes and cubicles. . .blah blah blah.
I hate that I must go, but take comfort in the fact that i know i will be back again as soon as possible!
On the adoption front. . .the ALMIGHTY Father Dag returned home here late Wednesday and I had planned to give him a day to settle before pouncing. . .but early Thursday morning Fr Dag beat me to the punch and summoned me even before I had done anything to my hair. . . .in my excitement. .i went to meet him as is. .
For some unknown reason, it appears that Dag likes me! Rock on! He summoned me to discuss the volunteer program, my adoption and to welcome me home. AW! HE went so far as to tell me that I was doing GOD'S work. Oh yeah!! 

Anywho, when talking about the adoption, Father informed me that he had a Kenyan Board Member that is an attorney that has offered to assist me with my adoption pro bono. . .and fast track it somehow! I find this out late. .. he will be here in 2 weeks and I leave in one week. . . if I had known a mere three days earlier, I could have pushed my ticket back to meet him in person and start the ball rolling. as it is now. .. I will have to communicate via phone or email. . .not my strongest mode of communication, though I am convinced all is happening for a reason and will all work out! I am filled with so much hope for the future of this adoption process. .. .with Dag convinced that I am doing GOD's work. . . golden!
There are a million kids sick here today, only a slight exaggeration. With the weather turning colder, kids and volunteers alike are being struck with horrendous colds and coughs. C and I were struck as well. i am hoping that the hacking cough recedes a bit more before I must fly home.
Hmm. trying to think of what kids you all want to hear about. . .

C and I, having not learned our lesson from the last time, will again make dinner for the big boy's cottage.. .it should be super entertaining to say the least.
Not much to report from AB cottage. Since the world cup began, the kids have been literally stuck to the super tiny tv in the cottage. I have actually enjoyed hanging out with them while they watch.
well, I should go, ELIJAH just had the nerve to call me a slacker.....SHOCK!

Miss you all!

Wow, it seems that my writing style has changed quite a bit since 2006. Not all change is bad. haha

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  1. That's great that you kept this..def. a good thing to look back on.