Thursday, April 19, 2012

Even Chimpanzees "get it!"

So I went to the movies last night. This rarely happens. I have no social life. Well, I do but it is definitely limping along. . ..on life support. I had a lovely date with my Mom and sisters. I am SO very blessed with the family that I have.

Not sure why on our lighthearted outing we decided to watch October Baby. ..but we did. And through the tears and today's residual "wow that was so sad" I recognize the importance of that movie. . .I recommend it. HIGHLY. You can watch the trailer here.

Previews still remain my FAVORITE part of going to a movie and there seem to be a lot of really great movies to be released. One preview grabbed my heart and had me crying even before October Baby started.

My meeting with Father T went awesome. He is fully supportive of a church mission to benefit special needs adoption. He also agrees that our parish can do better to foster a community where these children and their families would be accepted, supported, applauded and loved. We will meet again to discuss concrete plans, so if anyone feels that they have something beautiful and concrete to send my way. . ..feel free! I have my ideas but I am not convinced that they are the best.

So, with a heart of joy and increased confidence in my message of adoption, I went to the movies.

And saw this:

I cannot wait to see this movie despite the fact that I will have to bring an entire box of tissues. . .

What excuse can a human have after watching this? Chimpanzees get it. Adoption matters. It is the right thing to do. What are the alternatives??


My husband thought I had mislabeled these pictures. Sadly. No. Ksenia was a beautiful little girl with down syndrome that was transferred to an adult mental institution at a very young age. As you can see from the NOW picture, she is NOT THRIVING. THIS IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO ADOPTION. Children suffering. It has to stop!

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  1. So glad your meeting went well! I saw the previews to the Chimpanzee movie and had the same thoughts...