Monday, April 23, 2012

Married Life

My husband:
Yup, this is my husband. Not Magnum PI...

*refuses to call Soccer soccer, even though football is a completely different sport here in the USA. AND he gets quickly frustrated if people do not catch on that he is talking about Soccer when he says football.

*Uses my toothbrush (reportedly by accident). He furiously denies this until I physically show him his dry toothbrush and my soaking wet toothbrush. . .. over and over and over again. Each time he denies with the same fury as before. I know he is my husband and what's mine is his and all. . .but he should still keep his cooties to  himself. 

*Used to believe that WWF was real. By used to I mean less than 8 years ago. He says he knows the truth now. .. .but he is not convincing anyone. He still thinks it's real.

*Has to have his own dirty clothes hamper by his side of the bed. It is too much to expect for him to walk his dirty clothing 6 more feet to the real dirty clothes hamper. He is probably too exhausted by his furious toothbrush denials. . .

*Cannot have corn with turkey. I have not yet figured this out yet, but he is adamant that this will cause WWIII or the like. 

*Rice can only be served as part of a curry or stir fry. . .or with chili. Other than that, it has no purpose being on a plate. Ever. Don't even try it.

*Spent a week learning to play "Row, Row, Row your Boat" on Eli's play laptop. And now he wants to take his act on the road. Not kidding. (I told him I would consider being his roadie if he could perfect another tune on Eli's guitar. This is still in the works.)

*Owns 15 blue shirts. One green shirt, one brown shirt and one pink and blue shirt. He loves variety.

*Used to call me Petal. I loved this. Campaigning for its return. I prefer it to Giant Farthead and other terms of endearment you currently employ. (please Gavin?)

*Loves his son to bits and bits. He is stuck with me.  . . forever. (evil chuckle)

*May not love this blog entry.


  1. Your very lucky Becki.....You could have done a a lot worse.....don't show this to Gav it will go to his head LoL

  2. I wasn't going to post this comment, as I was sure it was Gavin's comment. ..but he is denying it. .. so, thank you for commenting, Mr/Ms Unknown. Gavin will send you his payment as agreed upon.

  3. I dunno. I think "Giant Farthead" is kinda romantic.

  4. LOVE this post as it's *so* true of married life!! Joel needs a hamper on his side of the bed too... Good suggestion! And I've learned not to argue when he's adamant as it does no good despite my being right!