Thursday, July 19, 2012

the calm before the storm

Today is it. The final calm before the fundraising storm begins. I should enjoy the quiet.  .but my nerves will not let me.
Our final document arrived today. The only thing outstanding for our adoption is our USCIS approval. Oh, and about $10,455.00. I should not be freaking out about that number since my fundraising starts tomorrow, but I AM and it all feels so daunting.

I am starting to nest. .. .baking and cleaning and starting my room arrangement scenarios... oh what fun it will be! I cannot wait to snuggle that little guy! I just really cannot wait.

I wish someone rich would just adopt us, fund our adoption so I can get on with the real joy of this process. . .the boy at the end of our rainbow.


  1. Oh man. We're gonna have you that moolah in no time. I'm betting your auction does about $3k at least!! It'll be on my blog tomorrow for quick takes!

  2. Isn't Kara a miracle worker? Look at how well the auction is going! YAY!

    1. You all have been simply incredible! I will write a specific thank you blog but until then, thanks to everyone that donated, bid, shared and promoted the auction. Huge thanks to the that have had to listen to me fret unceasingly....(Kara and Annie!)