Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I know I have disclosed numerous times that I am still figuring this blogging thing out. I just learned how to put tabs on my blog but do not really know how to make them functionally do what I want them too. I think this is the only time that I have ever wished that I could talk to my computer. . .tell it what those tabs are supposed to be doing on my page. As if my computer would understand that that tab thingy needs to be doing something else. . .descriptive, eh? That being said, it does make me giggle that my Kenya tab is simply a renamed Home tab.. . kind of fitting. Sorry to say the Kenya tab will not link you to blog posts featuring my beloved Kenya. Nope. It will lead you in circles. Welcome to my world.

In my attempts to further understand blogger I began investigating and playing with links and topics on here that I have not yet felt brave enough to tackle. What I found is flabbergasting. . .  I stumbled upon this. .. THIS.
Apparently my blog will pop up when people search for the following things on google:

Search Keywords:


butt boy

husband walked in on my poopong

waiting family adoption profiles

Some of these make sense. . .if you type my blog address into google, then hopefully my blog will show up. . why it shows up for butt boy is WELL beyond me.
Let me assure you that my husband has NEVER walked in on me poopong. I am not one to mess around with poopong, and I really have little patience for people that just do not give poopong the respect it deserves. . . whatever that may be. My bathroom activities are also not shared with my husband.. . and in the case of an accident of that nature, I assure you that I would not post it on my blog. You. are. welcome.

Sorry Mrs Poopong, you will not find what you are looking for here.


  1. Was the help page in Blogger not helpful?? Are you trying to get the tabs to show specific posts?? i think you have to label the posts accordingly. i'm not sure of the next steps...
    Maybe this link would help?
    or this?
    i'm sorry i can't be of more help - i use Wordpress...
    Hope u get it to function as you want it to...

  2. That entire post made me laugh out loud. Sorry you're having trouble with the blog! It is frustrating!

  3. How did you discover that? HA! Hilarious.

  4. This post made me laugh! I FEEL or blogging pain!!

  5. Funniest post ever. Still laughing @ "Mrs Poopong"... hahaha!