Monday, July 23, 2012

It Takes a Village

An adoptive Mama and Reece's Rainbow advocate has issued a challenge and included my family it in. So exciting! To make sure I do not confuse the game, I am pasting her idea here verbatim.

Ok, so here's my thought: I'd like to do a race, to see which team of advocates can get "Team Kate" to $7500 or "Team Priscilla & Becki" to $7500 first, by midnight EST on August 1st. I'm getting ready to do a blog post on it. You can use your best fundraising techniques- including flat out begging, short auctions, whatever you can do, but we would do it for 10 days only- keep it intense and focused. The winning team (if either team reaches at least $5000 in donations in these 10 days) will get to pick five children that I will then feature on my blog and advocate for, for an entire month. I will advocate for them on facebook, real life, and the blog, as much as I possibly can and focus on them like I did my kiddos at 39. I will also ask as many of my friends who blog to also feature those kids at least once during the month, so we can spread the word as much as possible.

So yeah, I'm asking you to pick a side :) both sides will "win" in the sense that any money that comes in obviously benefits a kid getting home!

Priscilla Morse's FSP will need to read $17100 ( and Becki's FSP ( will need to read $2185 for Team Priscilla/Becki to win!!! 

Kate Hogeland's FSP ( will need to read $10,160 for Team Kate to win.

Now personally, I think it's going to be an interesting challenge. I wonder whose friends are going to push the hardest? I wonder if we'll see any matching donors pop up and offer to help push and meet goals? We have two different countries represented, 3 different special needs, a little something for everyone.

Ok, so who is willing to jump in? If either team wants to do an online auction, I will bring back a surprise of European chocolate to be raffled off for either one! First person to set up a Team Kate or Team Priscilla/Becki auction page and then ask me for it, gets that prize!

Seriously cool, right? Supporting 3 adoptive families AND advocating for 5 additional waiting kiddos. .. That's a WIN-WIN-WIN and then some!

Poor Priscilla was teamed up with me .. the fundraising newbie. . please help me make it worth her while? The contest has begun! There is an auction that was started immediately for Pasha and Xenia, the cutest couple ever. .. Check out the auction here

There are some fun and funky items on there. . .Priscilla has been fundraising and donating like mad since December. I just started my own auction and am learning the ropes, so finding items to auction has been tricky. We are still asking for donations, the funnier the BETTER! This spurred a contest within the contest. If you have something funky, crazy, strange, unique that you would like to get out of your attic/living room/closet. .. now you can and it will go to a wonderful cause! 
In addition, donating that item to our auction will enter you into a drawing for a $25 itunes gift card....proof that you get so much back when you give!! 
Sharing our auction will also enter you for the gift card and every $5 donation will also earn an entry. Leave a comment or send one of us a message letting us know your entries into the drawing! 

SO. . now that you are surely thoroughly confused, Let the Games BEGIN! 


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