Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Blessing of Dirty Floors

Adoption. Can I have one conversation in my life that does not involve our adoption? Nope. It is the nature of the beast. Adoption all but consumes the life of the family that is in the process. Perhaps this is only me.

This is how is it (brace yourself for the crazy): I need to buy groceries. I have made the shopping list 3+ times. . . .but cannot locate it. It goes a little something like this: "Oh yeah, we need pinto beans. And juice for Eli. Oh! That email came in about that document. . .okay, where is that document. . ..Eli, go play. . .HERE'S the document. Awesome. Phew. Eli LEAVE WICKETT ALONE! Okay, what's the email say to do with this document . . Wickett! Stop barking! Please? Document. ELI! Seriously? Leave the dog alone. . .sigh Time Out. Eli. Time out. Ugh, put the paper down. . wait until nap time. But I could just get it done. . .cross it off my list. I just need one more minute. . .and I could cross it off my list!"

Nap time comes around and I realize that I am famished. And exhausted. .. if I could have just a second of quiet. Mindless quiet. .. just a moment. But the laundry is begging to be folded. Begging. Oh. . .another email. Let's see what else I have to get done today. . . Oh, and that first email from this morning, let's take a look at that. . ..

Repeat. All. Day. Long. Dinner time rolls around and what do you know? I have no pinto beans. .. Eli has no juice.

It is nice to have so much information at my fingertips all the time. . .but perhaps it is not good for the psyche. I am nearly done with our dossier. Massive accomplishment. But I am severely burnt out. So, I have put myself in time out. I can only check my phone and email a couple of times a day. Routine needs to be reinstated. Sanity needs restored and groceries are desperately needed.

I stepped away yesterday. Today, I feel a little better. A little less everywhere at once. YAY! The groceries were purchased, but what do you know, I forgot the pinto beans. Awesome.

The house needs a good cleaning. The floor needs mopped. THIS I can do. THIS I CAN DO. I don't need to ask anyone how to do it. I am not relying on a mop. . .good old bucket of water and a cloth. .. .it doesn't need a certain kind of stamp, any special language.. . if I miss something I can easily fix it. Me, cloth, soap, floor. Can life be that simple?
I never thought I would find mopping to be so restorative. . ..therapeutic. Adoption alters reality, I wouldn't change this journey for anything, but really? Mopping is the answer? God has a sense of humor!


  1. Hey! I really like your blog! I've "seen you around" the blogs, especially Leila's Orphan Report.

    Just wanted to say I think what you're doing is awesome, despite the insane amount of work that goes into it.

    My name is Becky also, but your name looks so much cooler. :-)

    1. Welcome Becky! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! Us Rebeccas need to stick together!

  2. Glad to hear that you took time to step away - well done u! & it will be done - Pasha will be home with you real soon... just keep at it - a little at a time... praying & rooting for you all...