Friday, May 2, 2014

Sitting and Typing

I am back! I have been horribly remiss in posting my Quick Takes. I just plopped my butt down on the couch and here I will sit until I can click post. Eli informed me that I look weird. Awesome. Sadly, my mind is a bit blank. I fear that sitting and typing is harder than it sounded when I committed myself to this endeavor. Sitting down is a silent notice for the boys to start hitting each other, growling and screeching, needing a snack, jumping off the couch or other craziness. But I have committed myself! your worst.
Just kidding.
Please don't!

I have spent the past month packing and culling and fretting and packing. We are attempting to sell our house. Why would we ever attempt this with 3 kiddos under 5? Because we are bat poop crazy. My husband travels a TON so really. . .this mama is wrangling her wild animal children, packing and fixing her little heart out. So, yes Eli. . .I do look weird. .. with good reason!

Pookie Pants is pulling himself up on everything. The coffee table. The couch. His crib railing. Sometimes on his brothers. He cannot stand enough but with all that practice he hasn't yet mastered getting back down. So, 3 million times a day he pulls himself up on something and two minutes later comes the ear splitting scream of a child being tortured. Simply because he cannot get down. Uh Oh. He is looking at me with THE LOOK whilst in the jumparoo. This will likely mean a full blow out. Call the authorities. Mama said she is not getting up until she pushes publish. Who knew that could be so difficult.
Eli just ran by saying "Um, Mom. I smell something. What do I smell?" Shall I send him hunting for the source?
Back in January I was on a wee roadtrip with Evan and I was searching for a cd to entertain both of us. I was DONE with the Veggie Tales cd that had been on repeat in my car for far too long. Evan chimed in when he saw the dark blue case of Italian music. Random. We laughed for the remainder of our trip and this became a fast favorite. This got me thinking what other of my faves will work with the kids. I got some more Dean Martin, a little Buddy Holly, Adele. They like them all and listening to them sing these songs makes my day but I quickly tired of all of them. So...the other night when the natives were restless and Mama was fighting the urge for wine. . .I popped in a little John Denver. The boys LOVED it but thought it needed a little more shovel and a little less pants.

I am in the trenches of parenting. Packing. Raising. Keeping  my sanity. I am rarely able to get online to keep up with the awesome people I have met there. Phone calls are a luxury. Getting a blog written and published. .. even if it is gibberish is an AWESOME accomplishment.
My new digs. .. so open and airy!

Diaper duty is calling my name. Eli found the source.  It was as I feared. A full body effort. Saint JP2 pray for me and my family!
Photo credit: Lawrence OP via / CC BY-NC-ND
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. LOL I love your posts.

    I love that pic of St John Paul II. So handsome!