Friday, May 30, 2014

The Queen has spoken

Round 2!

Anna and Elsa are joining forces to get Brett home. Who dares to argue with the Queen? You know she can turn you into a Popsicle .. so....just hand over all your money. It is the safest option at this point.
For those of you just joining us we are still working to get Brett funded so his family can commit and bring him home! I will not rest until that happens. . .

The  party  was started with Elsa! Sweet Toddler Elsa! And Jessica Cooper won this just for sharing the giveaway. . .so SHARING IS CARING! And can be very profitable!

Today starts the next round. Up for grabs. . .the cutest sisters. Sing it with me. .. "Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters. . . ."

 That's right folks! Two for the price of one!


To bring these sisters to your home. . AND help Brett get to his, here is what you have to do:


$5 = 1 entry
$10 = 2 entries
$20 = 6 entries


Sharing on facebook or twitter will get you an entry as well. One entry per day for sharing.

I will draw a name when we have had 175 entries.

Remember, you must comment here or on my facebook post with your name and entry to be counted.

The following dolls will also be available in the following days/weeks. I am doing this one at a time.

Disney Frozen Deluxe Toddler Elsa and Anna Dolls

Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll (((I have 2 of these))

I THANK YOU!! Brett thanks you!


  1. Just donated $20.00 and shared on Facebook! So happy to help out with the added bonus of a chance to win these dolls (Christmas presents for our girls if we win)! Blessings to your family!