Monday, May 26, 2014

A Heroic Act

Memorial Day.
Today we honor those that sacrificed all for our freedoms. Fighting for the rights that we so often take for granted.



The pursuit of happiness.

We honor heroes that have fallen to protect all that they believe in and hold dear.

I am deeply grateful today as I should be every day.

I am not having a BBQ today.

I am not out camping.

I am here, about to ask all of you to do something heroic on this Memorial Day.  Begging with faith, really because I know many of you ARE heroes already.

See, there is a little boy, a world away that cannot fathom many of the freedoms that we take for granted every day. A little boy that has waited 5 years for his family to come and love him. To show him just how precious he is.

And he is PRECIOUS!
Meet Brett. Happy sigh. Isn't he lovely?
An adoptive family saw him just last month and said:
We saw Brett often. He is in a groupa with younger children who have minor or no special needs. He gets around with a walker and some help from a nanny. We would often see a nanny working with him one on one practicing walking. I think with the medical care available in the US he could probably get around on his own very well one day. He was included in the same activities as the rest of the children. When the groupa went for a walk he would ride in a big stroller and a nanny even helped him dance during a children's show. He smiled and waved when he saw us and tried to talk with us in his language.
Look at him go!

This little boy just glows. I have long wanted to adopt him myself. I have watched him grow and glow in pictures, praying that someone sees his worth! His life has not been an easy one. And yet his smile lights up his face. Despite his condition he is learning to walk. He is eager to speak and learn. He desperately deserves a family.

And there IS A FAMILY! (Jumping for joy!)  An awesome family experienced with CP and adoption. A family that is well equipped to provide for this incredible child.

A family that would love to add him to their pending adoption but the funds are not there.


Money is all that stands between Brett and Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A FAMILY!

$6000. That is all. If we can heroically raise 6k Brett will have a future. He will have a family that will see to it that he has everything he needs and more than enough love. Donations are tax deductible and will literally save a life.

Will we let 6k stand in the way of that??

Let's not. WE CAN BE HEROES for this family and this little boy!

Here is the low down: If we can raise the additional 6k needed, the AWESOME family will commit and bring him home. They have already been submitted so travel could come as quickly as 3 weeks. I will be having some fun giveaways and auctions to raise money in the following week. Please donate! Please share this post. Let's make this happen!


Guardian AngelBrett 2013 (1)Boy, born September 2007
Brett is a handsome young man who was born with CP.  He is very smart, he gets around on his own by crawling, but he is not able to walk.  Therapy will do wonders for him!   He deserves to have a family!
From a volunteer who knows him:   He plays with other children. He speaks with separate words. He understands the addressed speech. The boy is curious, likes classes. He loves when his nurse reads for him, he likes making pyramids.
Brett 2013
Update December 2012:Brett is very smart and curious. He has some learning and language delays associated with institutional life, but he does speak in complete phrases around people he trusts. He enjoys cars, coloring, and games. He got very excited when we showed him pictures of dogs and other animals, so he might do well with pets.
A family considering adopting him should be prepared to deal with some institutional behaviors and traumas. This is the area where Brett might need the most assistance in understanding rules, family, and nurturing relationships.His physical disability limits his lower body, specifically his legs and feet, but he is very strong in the upper body and crawls very quickly.  He is a very active kid who needs some physical therapy, appropriate equipment, and perhaps braces to get where he needs to for walking. He is able to pull himself to standing. The orphanage has worked with him on potty training and he seems to be doing well with it.

More photos available, married couples only.

$7,635.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


  1. How do we know how much of the $6,000 has been raised? Does his FSP need to reach a specific number?

  2. His FSP needs to read 14k or as close to that as we can get!

  3. I had very close contact with "Brett" while visiting our son who was in the same baby house. I have been praying for a family for him as he was shown to us as a second child. I saw him daily and spoke with him. Sweet boy, would do well in a family as the youngest. Is there a wat I can contact his future family?

    1. I am sure they would love to hear from you! I love knowing that Brett has been shown love and kindness by families that have adopted. I just love him so much! I wish I was his Mama! haha. Here is their FSP page.