Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Doll Babies for a Doll Baby!

Okay, so I posted about sweet Brett on Monday. Let's all take a moment to appreciate his cuteness! Aw..

Now, let's get down to bidness. We need to raise some money for his adoption. He NEEDS to be adopted!

SO.....I have Frozen Dolls.

You want them. You know you do! So I will be hosting giveaways to benefit Brett and to give you the chance to get these dolls! Kind of me, eh?

I am starting this party with Elsa! Sweet Toddler Elsa!
Here's how to get them for CHEAP and benefit a sweet boy! Donate $5, $10, $20 or more into Brett's Grant HERE and then post a comment on the Facebook post or on here. Share, share, share for an additional entry every day!

$5 = 1 entry
$10 = 2 entries
$20 = 6 entries.

Sharing on facebook or twitter will get you an entry as well. One entry per day for sharing.

I will draw a name when we have had 175 entries.

Remember, you must comment here or on my facebook post with your name and entry to be counted.

The following dolls will also be available in the following days/weeks. I am doing this one at a time.

I THANK YOU!! Brett thanks you!

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