Thursday, May 15, 2014

The itsy bitsy wish

If I had one wish it would be for prayers to work like alcohol.
Perhaps you anticipate a nice cold one at the end of a long day. Start murmuring your first prayer and the warmth spreads. One or two prayers under your belt and you re instantly more confident. Your cares are far behind. Your dancing skills are now off the charts. You smile a little easier. Your spouse/boyfriend/significant other is already more charming and palatable. Pow. Just like that. Your decisions are infinitely smarter and easier to make. The power of prayer. I would totally be a prayer-a-holic.

Yes, I totally see the epic flaws in the wish above. If I had one wish I would clarify that it would work like alcohol when alcohol works. Not when it bloats your belly to a painful level. Not when it fuels your anger and gives you gas. You know. . .fun alcohol. Not messy alcohol.

Oh, more flaws. It's a silly wish, I guess. Prayer works. I swear by it. ...most of the time. Sadly, God tends to do what is best for me instead of what I want. Hard to believe, eh?

I am praying desperately that our house sells. Magically. Without me having to uproot my kids; upset our schedule and morph into a screaming banshee ever again. Selling a house with 3 littles at home is no joke. To my chitlins, it means empty that bottle of hand soap on your brother's head while he is sitting on the toilet. . . .

Over our night prayers, Eli pointed to the ceiling and whimpered. "Mom, please let that fly outside. Now. Please Mom!' He was squirming and I was struggling to bite my tongue and stop my eyes from rolling. The kid would love to have a T-rex as a pet but he is afraid of flies. Mmhm. Just the idea of a fly on our ceiling completely derails Eli. He cannot look away, lest the fly move. Terrifying.

I stood up and saw that it was carnage. The beautiful remnants of a misguided spider that once tried to cross my living room ceiling. Standing as a warning to all other spiders that might make the same mistake.
And yet, Eli could not tear his eyes away from the ceiling. Convinced that it was still a fly.

We got through our prayers but barely. . .

Speaking of Eli. We went to his first recital for Pre-school today. Oh, MYLANTA. The cuteness was unbearable. Singing and sign language. Baby unicorns are not as cute as kids singing and signing. Seriously.
Evan was beside himself wanting to get up on stage and perform for us all as well. This is good since half way through his performance Eli decided that singing and dancing needed to take a back seat to finding his pants pockets and sticking his hands into those newly discovered pockets and staring blankly into the crowd.

Regardless, it was still the cutest think I think I have ever seen.

I cannot find that spider.
The carnage is gone.
It is gone.
How is that possible?
I cant find it.

Um. . .need to go and toss back a few prayers. Drown my spider related fears in a nice tall glass of prayer and hit the sack.

Bottoms up!
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  1. I love it when little kids sign, too! Cutest thing ever.

  2. The younger the kids the cuter the program

  3. Sooooo hilarious and awesome. I see a book here!