Monday, June 25, 2012

One more Lost Boy

I have written this post 3x now and I just don't know how to drive home the reality that Porter, Heath and Hanson are experiencing.

I have been sad all weekend. Literally. The awesome lady bug socks have been unsuccessful in lifting my spirits. I thought that once I started the adoption process for one of these adorable, needy babies, I would feel as if I was actually DOING something. That change was possible. That help WAS coming. But then I hear that a boy, a dear sweet young thing nearing 7 years old has been transferred, and what I am doing is simply not enough. Something has to give, this tragedy must be stopped! Why can't  Obama's Fast and Furious be designed to get to these children and save them from a life of emptiness, want and deprivations. Where is Iron Man or Superman when you need them? MAKE IT STOP!

See this boy in gray? Serious cuteness going on there, right? 
I have borrowed these pictures from other bloggers, all of which are spending their day writing about sweet Porter as well.

How does this happen? Does it really happen? YES! It does, sadly all too often. It continues to happen because we allow it to. How can we not band together to scream for an inquisitive boy that deserves a family? I  have not personally witnessed the sad institution where the Lost Boys live. So I am stealing excerpts from another amazing blog. The woman that writes this amazing blog successfully rescued one little boy from this facility. The first one. . .she had thought that the outdoor shed was the worst part of life as a Lost Boy in this institution....she was sadly mistaken. When it rains or snows the boys all stay inside, all of them crammed into one room. A room that is entirely empty, except for the boys sitting on benches that line the walls. No toys, no books, no hugs, no dancing, no games. The windows too tall for any of the boys to peer out.
Boys. So deprived that they bang their heads on the wall, they rock, they moan, lost inside their own minds. Their conditions a result of their situation, not their diagnoses.Trapped and forgotten, left to endure a life of monotony and emptiness. Devoid of hope. Even children with mild medical conditions are doomed to this fate if not adopted.

I have also tried more than 3x to post an awesome video of Porter dancing and playing in the baby house. (it is Monday and my brain is not making much happen today.) It is lovely to watch him dance with wild abandon. Sadly, right now, Porter is no longer laughing or dancing, he is no longer playing. .. he is sitting, scared and alone in a mental institution. He has gone from something to nothing. How scary for a young boy! He has HIV, no mental impairment aside from delays resulting from institutionalization. And yet, there he sits. Day after day until some lucky person steps forward to claim him. HIV may still be scary to some, but it is not the death sentence it was once thought to be. He can live a healthy, full and productive life. More information is available at Please please please watch the video not only for the sweet boy in gray, but for all the boys that may soon suffer the same fate. 


Guardian Angel
BOY, Born August 10, 2005

Don’t mind this pink shirt, Porter is a BOY.    He is HIV+, stage 3.   He is mildly cognitively delayed as well.
From his medical records:   HIV stage 3, without immunosuppression, delay of psychomotor and speech development, bacillosis
For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit

$2050.60 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Please join us in prayer, advocacy and hope for Porter, Heath and Hanson. Do not let their lights be completely snuffed out in that desolate place!
Feel free to visit the other bloggers that are also advocating for these Lost Boys. Let them not be Lost any longer!!


  1. Thank you for sharing Becki! I will be reading more of the blogs you listed to get more information. Do you know where he is located? Because of Curtis' diabetes, we are limited on where we can look into. Praying for this sweet young man and what role we are to play.

  2. Thanks for posting this, even when it was difficult for you... my heart breaks too... we just need to keep on praying, keep on sharing, keep on advocating...