Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh Boy(s)!

Today my heart is both heavy and joyful. An update on the boys is overdue. I neglected to post Evan's Birthday photos. It could be that we were all too busy partying down with Goofy and gang. . It could be that life with 3 boys takes all that I have. It could be that I am tired of posting blogs only to discover that it is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. 

Enough excuses. Here is a quick update. 

Eli is getting far too old for my liking. He is obsessed with dinosaurs and airplanes. He know so much about the solar system and wildlife. He is a leader at school and is really a strong willed, intelligent boy.  He loves his brothers and is still learning to share and be a big brother. I am starting to believe this is a life long lesson....and Mama needs patience.

Evan's language is growing by leaps and bounds. He loves to talk and talk and talk. And sing. And most recently, beat box. He has no clue what beat boxing is but that does not stop him from busting it out all day long. He is one tiny bundle of joyful noise.
He is such a happy and affectionate boy. I think he tells me that he loves me at least 30 times a day. I revel in the fact that he has someone to say it to and someone that will answer back emphatically "Oh, and I love YOU!"
He shares so well and is so affectionate and gentle with Opie. He warms my heart! Our adjustment and bonding has had its ups and downs but I think we are making progress. Wonderful, hard earned progress.
 Eli and Evan were clearly meant to be brothers. Their bond is incredible.

Opie is a miracle that just keeps amazing me. He is growing and crawling, babbling nonstop. He is such a happy boy. He is starting to fit into the clothing that I had purchased for Pasha. Each outfit brings a pang of sadness for the boy I thought was to be mine. I am sure there is healing in that pain but I worry about him still. Is he happy? Did he find a loving home? Sweet Pasha, changed my life and my family and I am grateful for that, but still a little sad as well. 

Boys love and need their Mamas. All boys are Mamas boys. They thrive with the love and care that a Mama gives. It is not anything grandiose. They blossom under the loving gaze of a parent, the open and attentive ear encourages them to think and speak. The simple, constant presence of someone that loves them is immeasurable in the life of a child. They will want to emulate their Papa eventually...but their those early years is so important!

I never thought I would be a Mother, but I am blown away by the transformation that my children have brought about in me. Their accomplishments are victories. Their pain is my pain. I honestly want so much for them to learn and grow in faith, confidence, maturity. The goal sometimes seems all consuming. They are my boys and I want so much for them. I see so much promise!

This is not a parenting blog. Sheesh. Everyday I feel like I make major mistakes. I am still learning but I apply myself daily and resolve myself to keep trying, even when I feel like a failure and want to give up. Giving up is not an option. My boys need their Mama, as imperfect as she is.

Which brings me to Brett. Brett breaks my heart. We pray for him every night and I beg God that a Mama sees the promise in him and rushes to his side. This boy; a world away is still waiting for his Mama. For Six long years he has waited. The wait does not appear to have dimmed his light. He is friendly and approachable. His formative years without a family have impacted his coping mechanisms. He needs a Mama to soothe his aching heart and allow his joy to grow. 
Brett is a stunning little boy with CP. An adoptive parent has seen him recently and reports His mind is keen and his spirit is evident in the pictures.
 "We saw Brett again today. He seems like such a neat kid. His groupa was out for a walk, they are all mobile but her was in a big stroller. He smiled and waved, the most outgoing of the bunch and probably the oldest."
This amazing little warrior is in a race against time. Most children his age are no longer in orphanages. They are transferred to adult mental institutions around age 6. If he is not mobile before that, he may be destined for a life in bed. Every moment of every day in a beg. Look at this boy. He is meant for SO MUCH MORE!

I pray daily that God sustains  him and that his Forever Mama rushes to his side. To demonstrate his importance. Boys NEED their Mamas! THIS boy needs a Mama!


Guardian AngelBrett 2013 (1)Boy, born September 2007
Brett is a handsome young man who was born with CP.  He is very smart, he gets around on his own by crawling, but he is not able to walk.  Therapy will do wonders for him!   He deserves to have a family!
From a volunteer who knows him:   He plays with other children. He speaks with separate words. He understands the addressed speech. The boy is curious, likes classes. He loves when his nurse reads for him, he likes making pyramids.
Brett 2013
Update December 2012:Brett is very smart and curious. He has some learning and language delays associated with institutional life, but he does speak in complete phrases around people he trusts. He enjoys cars, coloring, and games. He got very excited when we showed him pictures of dogs and other animals, so he might do well with pets.
A family considering adopting him should be prepared to deal with some institutional behaviors and traumas. This is the area where Brett might need the most assistance in understanding rules, family, and nurturing relationships.His physical disability limits his lower body, specifically his legs and feet, but he is very strong in the upper body and crawls very quickly.  He is a very active kid who needs some physical therapy, appropriate equipment, and perhaps braces to get where he needs to for walking. He is able to pull himself to standing. The orphanage has worked with him on potty training and he seems to be doing well with it.

More photos available, married couples only.

$7612.80 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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