Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick Takes Friday-Late to the party

--- 1 ---
I threw the gauntlet down last week, I told Kara that I would be the first to post my quick takes, and it would amaze her to tears....I failed. Not only did I not post it first, I may not have posted 23rd. I considered not writing at all. . .it just didn't have as much appeal knowing that Kara bested me once again.  No, in case you were wondering. I am not competitive.
--- 2 ---
Eli should be napping. He has been so contrary lately, I just lacked the inspiration to turn it around. . I know, he is two. .but still some of the crap he pulls ...I just shake my head. He used to run up to strangers and say "hello Man!" "Hello Lady." He would get very upset if they did not acknowledge his greeting. Now, if someone says hello to him he turns his head away. He wont speak. He wont look at them. My friendly child has morphed into a fart head. A friend met me on the street today (more on  my street walking  later) and he asked me if I have tried opposites yet. I had not. So he knelt down in front of Eli and said "Don't you look at me Eli. Do not even try. Nuh uh. . ." Eli looked at me and started wailing. Needless to say my friend made a quick exit after that and I pointed the stroller back to the car. All the way home Eli asked, "Mama, why that man say that?" None of my answers satisfied his question. So instead I responded, "Don't  you tell Mama you love her. .don't you do it! And you best not tell her she is pretty." Yes, my darling boy is running around the house laughing and shouting, "I love you Mama, you're so pretty." Marvelous!

--- 3 ---
Our morning. . .what a waste of effort. I went and printed off $45 dollars worth of flyers for our Epic 80s Dance Party fundraiser for our adoption. This party is going down next Saturday so Eli and I took them downtown to beg businesses to let us post them in their window. We were having awesome luck. .. but it was hard, sweaty work pushing that stroller in and out of every business...hahah I am such a wuss. .. so after a bit I decided to visit a friend at work. Eli was thrilled with the break as was I. . .that was short lived. I get an email from the establishment hosting the party that wording on the flyer needs changed. .. .DOH! I cut my visit short to fix the error. ..on the way to the car my  friend calls to let me know that she has no idea when the 80s party is.. ."Silly, you have the flyer... " "Yes, yes I do.. . and I hate to be the one to tell you that there is NO DATE ON IT." What? AWESOME! How many businesses will I get to revisit with corrected signage? Oh vey.
--- 4 ---
I have a tattoo. I know not everyone loves tattoos. ..but I love mine. It is such a vivid memory of such a magical day.. .one that I revisit every so often. It is a tiny tattoo.. ..not visible. . .. not something I got to show anybody else. It is just mine. I am neither here nor there on the tattoo issue.. .but if Eli wants to get one, I am sure I will hit the roof. Hypocrite!!! He tested this out earlier in the week. . time out! Time out! Time out! Will that work when he is 18? Should I try the opposite game with this?

--- 5 ---
My giveaway is still going...I am trying not to fret by the slow nature of this fundraising business. We were submitted to Pasha's country yesterday. WHOOP WHOOP! That means we should be traveling to get him within 8 weeks. .. not much time to raise the rest of our funds... especially when no ones knows the date of our Epic 80s party. . .here is the link to the giveaway:
--- 6 ---
I am offering a Haiku to anyone that donates $50 or more. I love a good Haiku. Writing them can actually be a little addictive. I may chose to speak in Haiku.
Oh, Justin Bieber
I don't understand your pull
Please just go away

I am totally not singling the Bieb's out. . .you can totally insert any number of names in here, like Katy Perry anything with the right number of syllabels.

For example:
Oh, Bachelor Pad
I don't understand your pull
Trashy, trashy, Trash

See how fun??

CSI spinoff
twenty-seven point four five
fresh concept needed
--- 7 ---

Eli should be napping. .instead he is still shouting about how much he loves me and just how pretty I am.. .finding it really hard to be cross with him. It might affect my prettiness. . . I just sent hubby in to check on him and evidently Eli was standing in his bed singing and dancing to this....Hubby was not pleased. Evidently Elmo's musical contribution is not considered worthwhile."Don't you tell me you love me. Don't you do it, Hubby.. " Sigh.. didn't work this time. 

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  1. 1. LOL You still got it done before Friday is over! Sorry, I still win.

    2. That works with my girls SO WELL. It even helped me potty train Tessa. HAHA!!

    Eli has to be the cutest. I'm sorry about the flyers. Hope the party is a blast. Wish I could be there.

  2. This is Jen, Brett's guardian angel here with my regular blog.

    1.) I'm frequently the first one up (sorry Kara!) and I learned the trick of refreshing Jen's page at 9:59 pm Pacific time until I see the link-up post appear. Mine were late this week (gasp! 10th place!) because I'm down with my in-laws.

    3.) That is so a mistake I would make!

    4.) I had pondered getting a tat for my 30th birthday... but we were between parishes when it rolled around and I couldn't justify spending grocery money on it. It's now planned for my 35th birthday.

    5.) Fundraising is insanely hard. I managed to raise $800 for the Promise Walk this year only because my in-laws contributed a huge amount (they couldn't take part so they contributed instead of walking), I put it out to those on my list to send Daniel pics, and I made the announcement in church for it. I'm the pastor's wife and my church peeps know Daniel so they gave pretty graciously. Other than that, I've been lucky to make $300 on a fundraiser and I can't understand how people make $$$$ on them unless they're super popular.

  3. I've only been first once, Jen. It was last week, lol. I'm usually around 6th.

  4. #4. I have one, too! Maybe one day, I'll regret it, but that day hasn't come yet!