Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Marv-elous Month of October

Fall is definitely in the air. There is a chill to the day, there's the excitement leading up to Halloween...the hint of cinnamon and mischievousness in the air. I love it. This season makes me want to curl up with my loved ones and snuggle a little more often. To take stock and to appreciate the people that I get to call mine.

October is also Marv's month. His birth month and this year, it ushers in his teen years. As I was looking through the database to find more pictures of Marv the multitude of 12-13 year old boys without families was just too much. To survive 12-13 years without the love of a family, I cannot fathom. Some faces are still open and hopeful, some show signs of anger and some appear quite sad and hopeless. All of those little faces crying out for love, for guidance, for family. Sigh. Boys! Why are so many boys waiting? I have 3 of my own and the joy of's immeasurable. Let's get this boy home!
I mean...seriously? Dimples galore!

When it all starts to feel hopeless, I like to focus on what I CAN DO. SO.....I am partnering with the delightful Annie Trenda this month to bring some attention to Marv. To share his face and his story. To celebrate his birth month and to raise his grant so that when his family sees him, they can bring him home quickly.
An advocate has met him and this is what they have to say about him: Marv is a very sweet, happy boy. He loves to play soccer, even though his vision problems make that very difficult for him. He has been living in a boarding school for typical kids, and receiving his own private lessons, but recently was transferred to a facility in another region specifically for children with special needs. His favorite class is math, and he gets great grades in math. His least favorite class is Ukrainian. He is said to learn more slowly than other children, which is why he has required private lessons.
He is cheerful, friendly, and sociable. He said several times he would like to be adopted by an American family.
Seriously, I cannot even stand the cuteness. 

Marv will not be overlooked this month. We are recognizing his birth ALL MONTH LONG! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Each week we will be hosting a quick giveaway to raise funds. Awesome items up for grabs!! If anyone wants to donate an item for this cause, please let me know! We are really hoping to get his grant moving. He has been at $103 for WAY TOO LONG!

Here is the teaser: Start your Christmas shopping now!!

This will start soon (Sunday Oct 5th) keep your eyes and ears open! It is going to go fast!

Here's how to get them for CHEAP and benefit a sweet boy! Donate $5, $10, $20 or more into Marv's Grant HERE and then post a comment on the Facebook post or on here. Share, share, share for an additional entry every day! But don't start yet, each week will be your chance to score one or more of the items above.

$5 = 1 entry
$10 = 2 entries
$20 = 6 entries.

Sharing on facebook or twitter will get you an entry as well. One entry per day for sharing.

This campaign will conclude 10/31/14. The advocate with the most shares will not only be the proud owner of Marv the Moose, but they will also secure a $100 donation to their AT child or a Waiting Child of their choice!

Let's rally for Marv!

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