Saturday, March 1, 2014

DAY 6- Who's Your Daddy?

I would have posted earlier but Saturdays tend to be one big ball of chaos in my house. Somehow we get through the week and it all falls apart. I cannot get out of my robe, the boys are in their jammies at get the picture. 
I spent a large portion of my day watching Pookie Pants crawl. Cheering him on as he crawls. Getting video of him crawling....and so on. 

This milestone has made it clear that my baby is getting big! His first birthday is right around the corner. As I snuggled and read to Eli tonight I remembered when he was crawling and learning to walk. Oh, the bumps and bruises he got! He was such a rough and tumble kid. Opie is not so hardy. I can't help but rescue him as he tries to climb up the coffee table. Already!??!? He just started crawling yesterday and already he is moving on to pulling himself up. Yikes!

I decided to compare Eli and Opie at nearly a year. Eli had a mouth full of teeth already! I don't really see the similarity between the two. Both are my sweet boys and both are mine. That's what is important to me.  

 Same seat. Both in stripes. Hair parted on the same side....chubby fingers. I think the resemblance stops there....This is strange for me since my siblings and I all look SO MUCH alike!

My sons don't seem to look alike. So who exactly does Opie look like? 
Yup. Uncanny. Still no response from Papa Hanks. 

Sorry for the light content today. It is SATURDAY! My brain is definitely off-duty today!

I’m writing seven posts in seven days this week. To check out other bloggers who are doing the same, see the list here.

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