Monday, August 4, 2014

Moving to the country...

Well we are here! Moved! An epic undertaking that had a soundtrack all its own. I like to think that the soundtrack was "moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches..." But that would be delusional.

Yes, it looks like he is waiting for a Police pat-down. 

Honestly, it was a lot of yelling and crying. Lost swimsuits (yippeeee) and misplaced toys. Glass breaking and tempers flaring. To be blunt, I miss the old house terribly. It was not pretty.

Somewhere in the midst of that my baby sister got married and my mother in law had surgery on her ankle and spent some time recuperating at my little casa....and she was also treated to our special soundtrack. Soothing, I am sure.

But...we are here and we are all accounted for. My boys are loving the house and the yard. The town and all its charm.

My Opie will take his first steps here in this new house. He gets closer by the minute. I love watching him grow and learn...but I also watch in fear. Once he is walking. . . life will get even busier. 3 uber active boys!! If only they all liked to clean!

But it is bucolic here.

The stars are brighter, the air cleaner. Waking up to the views here. .. it is hard to complain. Kind of.

For some reason, the idea of moving to the country did not include an insane amount of bugs....everywhere. Four year old boys do not grasp that the door must be shut behind them and therefore we are swarmed. I am covered in bug bites despite the citronella bonfire I light outside every night and my husband has resorted to decorating our new house with fly strips.

Yup. Here in the country we need Jesus and flytraps. Hubby did not want to have them just hanging around so he secured them all with blue tape. Currently, there are 4 such strips on our walls. . .and since there are no flies stuck to them, I bet there will be more up before the end of the day.
On the bright side, I no longer feel the need to buy paintings for the walls.

The boys just woke up and Eli tells me "I named the fly in my room Buzzer. He is my friend." New friends in our new town. Awesome.
There is currently a fly on the wall right above the flystip. Not on it. .. nope...

And allergies. YIKES.

My soundtrack has changed in the past week.

"I moved into the country. Gonna need alot of kleenex."

I have missed blogging!

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