Friday, June 6, 2014

Frozen Recap!

Okay! I just want to bring everyone up to speed. We have ONE item left in this giveaway and it will go live starting Monday June 9th at 8 AM EST. I will draw the winner on Friday at 7PM EST.

Brett's grant is growing, PRAISE GOD and thank you to all who have entered and donated to Brett's rescue fund! His prospective family is eager to see his grant at 14k so they can afford to add him to their adoption.

$5402 stand between Brett and a family.

A mere $5402

 The following dollies have found new homes:

The Round 3 winner was Elizabeth K!

Amy A scored these two beauties in round 2!

Round 1 went to Jessica C and she kindly sold it to Lisa to further benefit Brett's fund!

The final installment of this fundraiser involves these 2 cuties! 

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