Thursday, November 7, 2013

*singing* Me me me me; Me ME ME ME

This is more than a little self indulgent, but isn't that the prerogative of the blogger? To air whatever one wants to whenever the urge strikes? Mmmmhmmm. I had hoped to have a loftier message for this blog and indeed, I used to blog about more important subjects but today. . .I am in a ME sort of mood and yes, I AM singing Bobby Brown's My Preogative as I type, and drink coffee. I am a multi-tasking fiend!

I went for a jog this morning. I cinched up my hands-free pumping bra as a sports bra (over my tshirt and sweater of course) and off I went in the rain. Before the end of the first block I was panting, my feet were soaked and my running shoes were waterlogged. Awesome. I succeeded in jogging more than I walked and the makeshift bra held up just fine; likely because my jogging looked alot like walking. Because of this *ahem* "jog", I am going to have to type faster than my brain can think; before my useless muscles completely freeze up from the shock of activity and render myself paralyzed.

The DMV brought an ego-centric epiphany of sorts on Tuesday. I was equal parts shocked at how poorly I masked my irritation that it took 68 minutes to renew my license and proud that we all survived the ordeal. I had baby and Evan in tow and we survived. Mostly because I simply let Evan run around shouting, allowing more running and shouting the longer we waited as I tried to resist the urge to stab myself or someone near to me in the eye with a pen. Seemed only fair. Moms with children should be allowed to renew licenses via mail or online AND we should be allowed to use whatever picture we want.
Any one of these 3 pictures would do just fine on my license. :)

To have my license capture me on a sleep deprived morning, pre-caffiene. . .well no Mama should have to show anyone that picture. . ever. In my spare time, I am going to completely re-vamp the DMV and the current license policy. Instead of listing a weight, we should be allowed to put a dress size. . .that we would all still lie about. Hmmm.

I finally amended the height and weight portion from the stats I was able to list when I got my license a million years ago. It seems I have shrunk 2 inches in height and more than made up for that in girth. Awesome. I resisted listing bloodshot as my eye color and hair? Well luckily they called my number while I still had some hair on my head.
me. 5 years ago. 

I got the kids and I back in the car and realized that I felt a little traumatized. Yup. I have been to Calcutta, Kenya, the Middle East. I have seen and done things that SHOULD have been forever traumatizing. And yet, the DMV...the DMV traumatized me. The reality slammed into me. I am no longer 10 feet tall and bullet proof. When did that happen and how can I reverse it?

Home. Sigh. Home. I pulled the new license out to look at it. GASP! What have the past 5 years done to me and why do I have SO MUCH MORE FACE? (clearly I needed more face to grow more hair on it.)  I thought that the past five years have been more tame than the 20 before it. Obviously, I have been sitting here spending ALL of my time aging and growing more face.
SO much face!

While I have been expanding and aging, some amazing women have been changing the world. Literally.

My dear friend Kara has been on the adoption journey of a lifetime. She had fallen in love with a ginger baby doll in Russia, had committed to bringing him home when Putin pulled his nasty trick. Heartbroken she pulled herself together and continued on her journey to give an orphan a home. THEN she found out she was pregnant! She gave birth a matter of weeks ago and she is currently in country and met her son yesterday (with new baby in tow.) The joy of that meeting was nearly my undoing. What an incredible testament of the power of one and what God can do when people say yes. Feel free to fall in love with Kara and her family.

And then there is Kim. Sigh. Kim. I need to take a moment to thank Facebook, Reece's Rainbow and the Oregon Zoo for the friendship I have with Kim. She is such a bright light that I cannot find enough glowing adjectives to describe her. She has said yes to God in such an amazing way, taking her family with her to Ukraine to volunteer with orphans. AHHHH-MAZING! They leave next week. I really cannot recommend following their blog enough. It is a made-for-TV movie waiting to happen. (in my opinion they should all get to play themselves in the movie because they are all too cute for words!)

So. . .while I have been sitting here aging and slapping you all upside the head with poor grammar and self indulgent drivel, there are people out there CHANGING the world for the better. I have my hands full right now, so perhaps I can focus on changing the DMV for the better.

Drive safely out there people, you do NOT want to see my license or my massive face frowning at you! Talk about traumatizing.

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